Housing, wages, planning for growth, resource shortages. So much threatens our way of life, but so much is possible.

Let's get to work, Bozeman.

Montana struggles to keep up with growing wildfires, while our precious forests recede.  We have more extreme weather, less snow pack ,and longer droughts. Our water supply can only support another 15,000 people.

Our natural environment is changing under our feet, and it's only getting worse.

Let's make sure growth improves our habitat, instead of minimizing the damage we do.

By 2025 we need to:

  • Create a top-level Climate Stewardship Department that approves all policy.
  • Pursue regenerative agriculture and water policy.
  • Build a smart renewable energy system.
  • Invest in a local transit that is reliable, convenient, and luxurious.

Practicing stewardship

Taking care of our neighbors

The average family in Bozeman needs to work for 34 years to save for a down payment. Many renters spend half their income (or more) just on housing. It’s now more expensive to live in Bozeman than Seattle or Denver, and it’s only getting worse. Is this the future we want for our children?

Let's create a housing system that makes homes, not soaring profits for out of state developers.


  • Public housing that beats any private competitor.
  • A public bank that benefits us by making near-zero interest loans.
  • Strong policies to reign in a one-sided rental market.
  • Zoning and development centered around cozy neighborhoods and smaller lots.

The average family in Bozeman needs to work for 34 years to save for a down payment. 7 in 10 families can’t get the childcare they need. Wages remain abysmally low, causing worker shortages. Our farmers and ranchers are being hit by low prices and high tariffs. 80% of our regional economy comes from retirement income and tourism, and neither may last.

It should be a blessing to live here, not a struggle.

Let's build an economy rooted in quality of life for generations, not wealth extraction today.

It’s time we:

  • Restructure city finances to prioritize the poor, the elderly, and the working class.
  • Reclaim our agricultural heritage by supporting small growers and farm-to-grocery food channels that make us self-sufficient.
  • Lead the way in sustainable manufacturing and natural resource development.
  • Prioritize business and housing co-operatives, not luxury condos.

Planning for our future (and theirs)

Making this the first best place

It’s now more expensive to live in Bozeman than Seattle or Denver, and it’s only getting worse. We face climate crisis, resource shortages, and worsening inequality. And it’s clear we can’t depend on Congress or our state legislature to get the job done. Is this the future we want for our children?

Bozeman will always be changing. We can turn existential threats into bold, ambitious plans.

Gateway to Yellowstone. Backyard to the rich and famous. Let's be the experimental lab for the 21st century city.

We should:

  • Create close alliances with other local leaders from around the state and the nation to share data and policy.
  • Push the state legislature to fix backwards laws that keep cities from solving problems.
  • Leverage our status as a world-class destination generate support and attention.
  • Use our successes to push for nationwide responses to climate and economic injustice.

Progress. From the bottom up

Representation, not lip service

Instead of retracing the halls of power, we’re going to where the people are. Every day, people are inviting friends and family together to share with me what their life is like in Bozeman–the joys, and the struggles. We’re sharing those stories everywhere we can. This place belongs to all of us. Our government should work for all of us, too.

Preparedness first

One look around is enough to see that Bozeman can’t stay this way forever. We have big challenges to tackle, which is why we’re already reaching out to leaders across the state to build power. And we’re learning from experts around the country so that whatever we do, we can make sure it’s the best.

Responsible for results

You can’t have a big imagination without being grounded in the details. That’s why from day one we’ll have comprehensive policy proposals outlining what we can do to address housing, inequality, climate, and more–and how to pay for it. And we’ll keep you informed about the issues every step of the way.

Your voice matters

What issues affect you most? What's your life like here?

I'm running to talk about real issues and how they affect the rest of us. Too many voices are absent from local government. Will you share your yours with me?

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A different brand of leadership

For decades our town has been changing under our feet, yet we’ve have been making compromises that benefit out-of-state developers, instead of those of us who live and work here every day.

Is that the kind of “experience” we want in government?

I’m a born and raised 5th-generation Montanan who knows our history: we’ve seen one powerful class after another come for the riches and leave us with the consequences.

Whether it was pioneering farming techniques, supporting renewable energy before it was cool, or opening a co-op restaurant and community center, taking care of our home is a family tradition. It’s one I’ve been proud to continue by helping renters in Bozeman and advocating for better housing for all.

This isn’t the “next step” in my career. It’s my family’s future. While my opponents might be busy touting their insider status, I’ll be sticking up for the people who need it most. Will you join me?


Small money, big ideas.