Community housing for all.

How it works

When you compare wages and housing, Bozeman is more expensive than Seattle, Denver, or New York City. Many people have to get roommates into their 30’s, can never save enough for a downpayment, and can’t afford an apartment at all. Other who have made mistakes that hurt their credit (half of Americans have poor or fair credit) or have a nonviolent criminal record get routinely denied for any housing.

Instead imagine getting a nice apartment (or modest house) that’s affordable from the start and never goes up, as long as you live there. You don’t have to worry about your landlord evicting you because of maintenance requests, and since we all own public housing, you get a say in how it’s managed. No invasive applications or outrageous fees, and if you make more money, you get to keep it, instead of the price going up. Millions of people around the world live in successful public housing. It’s time we caught up.

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